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Title: Using landscape art as a medium for managing sustainable rural landscapes and local development: a case study of a landscape art project in Yilan, Taiwan
Authors: Kuang-Yu Wang
Keywords: Landscape art
Landscape intervention
Landscape character
Rural development
Issue Date: 22-Feb-2108
Publisher: Thai Association Of Landscape Architects
Abstract: Landscape is dynamic, so is the profession of landscape architecture. The physical design, planning and engineering approaches are familiar to the landscape architecture profession. However, new approaches and tools of intervening in the landscape need to be constantly explored in order to deal with the landscape that is highly dynamic. Today, tourism provides capital investment for the improvement of physical landscape facilities which is welcomed in many rural areas. However, the seemingly prosperous development could result in an alienated landscape, de-located and uprooted from its local contexts and on the way to becoming unsustainable. The landscape art project in a coastal rural area of Yilan, Taiwan in 2016, has responded to this problem, by taking approaches to intervention that are different from the physical design and planning approaches. Through re-exploration of the landscape character, encouraging creativities and new imagination of the territorial resources, the project aimed to promote enrooted local development and sustainable local landscape. The idea of landscape art in this project is not about art objects independently created by artists and installed upon a landscape to be looked at. The landscape art in this project is the embodiment of the interactions, relations, and performance of people, place and time. In this sense, the artworks, activities, local residents and the artists are not detached subjects of the landscape, rather, they were part of that landscape in time. The notions of landscape dynamism combining physical, perceptual, relational, temporal and somatic engagement were well manifested through the art activities of this project. The project showed that a new understanding of landscape dynamism and enrooting could open up new approaches for the landscape architecture profession and a new meaning of landscape intervention for the sustainable management of landscape.
URI: http://tar.thailis.or.th/handle/123456789/995
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