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Title: The Criteria for developing transport development zone for hospitality in Bangkok.
Authors: Boonlua, Tarawut
Keywords: Urban form
Urban transport
Transport development zone
Issue Date: 2-May-2011
Publisher: IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architecture) - APR (Asia Pacific Regional)
Abstract: The idea of hospitality has been developed at an urban scale to establish a correlation between a guest and host in terms of urban tourism.A guest from a developed country will often be familiar highly developed zones in the form of transport zones around mass public transport stations. They are used to smaller distances between public transportation and amenities, which transport zones promote. The importance of distance and navigability increases, as the guest is less familiar with the host city. As a host city for not only tourism, but international conferences and events, Bangkok should achieve the utmost professionalism. The criteria for developing transport zones in Bangkok should be explored,as this is beneficial for both the guest and the host. Developing transport zones can improve leisure activities,accessibility,public space, housing and community, which are directly associated with hospitality. This paper has addressed the criteria for developing transport development zones. The most important criterion is accessibility, which ensures that a guest can easily reach their desired destinations.Other criteria integral to the transport development zones are high density, mix of uses, size of transport zone and transport infrastructure. Therefore,pursuance of transport development zones will be supportive of the long term growth of Bangkok’s hospitality industry in addition to solving urgent urban problems. It will be a step toward achieving professional hospitality in Bangkok.
URI: http://tar.thailis.or.th/handle/123456789/446
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