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Title: The Comparative study of the planning and physical characteristics between Sukhothai and Chiangmai ancient city.
Authors: Boonyanant, Charaspim
Keywords: Physical characteristics
Ancient city
Issue Date: 2-May-2011
Publisher: IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architecture) - APR (Asia Pacific Regional)
Abstract: Sukhothai and Chiangmai Ancient City are important civilization sources of the ancient Siam empire. Sukothai was the first capital city of Siam Kingdom while Chiangmai City or Nakornping City was the capital city of northern Lanna Kingdom. Both cities are sources of unique and graceful art and culture that have played important roles in these regions for many centuries. As we all knows that Paya Mengrai, the first Lanna King, established Chiangmai, using Sukothai city planning during King Ramkhamhang era as a model. Therefore, physical characteristics of both ancient cities were distinctly similarly. However, there were many other factors that influenced appearances,characteristics, and evolution of their planning during a long period of time in the history. These resulted in the differences in details of their planning. The objective of this comparative study was to find summaries of the similarities and differences between the city planning appearances and characteristics of both Ancient Cities. Two cities were compared in the following subjects;1) Historical and Religious Background ,2) Geographical characteristics of the cities’ locations, 3) Religious beliefs and the cities forms, 4) Characteristics of Cities’ walls and moats, 5) Land uses Planning, 6)Water and Irrigation System. The method of study was to collect secondary data from related documents, and also primary data from site surveying, photography, and notes. The conclusion from the comparisons showed important factors that influenced appearances, characteristics,and evolution of those ancient cities’ planning, which would continuously promoted knowledge of the ancient city history in Thai Kingdom.
URI: http://tar.thailis.or.th/handle/123456789/444
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