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Title: Flux-scape : emerging challenges of asian (landscape) urbanism.
Authors: Velegrinis, Steven
Keywords: Asian urbanism
Carrying capacity
Climate crisis
Llandscape urbanism
Issue Date: 2-May-2011
Publisher: IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architecture) - APR (Asia Pacific Regional)
Abstract: At the entrance to the 21st Century, population growth is becoming one of the most significant contributors to the environmental and economic challenges facing the Earth.The Asian Continent is at the forefront of this global conundrum. Considering projected population growth and urbanisation it is likely to result in the need for urban development to accommodate 2,500,000,000 people by 2050. This astounding rate of growth in population poses significant challenges for the world and its Environments.There remains an unresolved question as to whether the Earth can even accommodate such population growth. In response to such pressures Asian Urbanism has thus far adopted the largely outdated approaches of western Modernism. Despite this Asian Urbanism remains markedly different to that of the west. Often described as ‘chaotic’ or ‘anarchic’ Asian Urbanism has often been dismissed as a curiosity. The paper then surveys the body of recent architectural theory surrounding Asian Urbanism (including, Yu, Watanabe, Yeang,Lang, Koolhaas, Helsel, Bowring and Weller). The author then outlines a hidden order of Asian Urbanism and the immensely significant role which the Landscape will play in future metacity agglomerations. The paper then outlines the potential synergies between the established body of Asian Urbanism theory and the discourse on Landscape Urbanism in an attempt to make Asia’s urban explosion relevant to the Landscape Architectural fraternity. Highlighting the relative void of Landscape Architectural influence in 20th Century Asian Urbanism the author presents an argument to support the notion of an Asian evolution of Landscape Urbanism.
URI: http://tar.thailis.or.th/handle/123456789/443
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